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Tropical Forest and Coral Reefs Struggling
D. Palacio

Tropical Forest and Coral Reefs are homes to many of our unique and important plants and animals.  A new bill is being presented soon and we urge you to write your representatives.  Please help by urging your senators to pass the 'Tropical Forest and Coral Reef Act'.  It would provide funding for the protection of the forest and reefs around the US.  Recently, the new NOAA health analysis stated that the reefs that are parallel to heavily populated areas are facing hardships from human impact.  This includes costal development, sedimentation and other issues.  NOAA ranks the US coral reefs as "POOR" and "FAIR".

These are ecosystems that not only effect the lives of the animals that live there but other vital habitats that are near these.  Recently, I visited the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and was surprised at what I found.  Looking at the reef from an aerial view the reef looks beautiful.  When we took a semi-sub down, I expected to see brilliant colors and tons of fish.  Shocked, I looked through the window of the sub at the coral that I'm sure was once bathed in brilliant, outstanding colors but only pale, pastels and browns covered the reef below us.  I was expecting to see the magical arrays of fish but only got a glimpse of one here or there.  I sat there and took pictures looking down fretfully hoping my camera would find something different.  This has to be a mistake, I thought.  Then I realized it is our mistake, we're doing this to our planet.  I looked over at our guide and he seemed to read my thoughts.  He gave me a sad, half smile and looked back at the reef. 

CNN recently reported, "Humpback whales, sea cucumbers and Australian red algae are just a few of the species leading the way in modern medicine".  We can't turn our backs on these opportunities.  We need our oceans and forest healthy.

I'm only fourteen, but I have to believe we have the power to change this.  We have the voice.  We can let our leaders know this is not the future we want.

I worry about the planet and I admitted that to a wise, older friend of mine, Fran, and she shared with me her belief that the planet can heal itself if we give it time and stop our destructive habits.  I believe this act is very important to our forest and reefs.  We need to give these vital ecosystems time to recover and heal.  They need to be protected and monitored.  To do so we need each and every person that cares about the future of the planet to speak up and write or call their representatives about the "Tropical Forest and Coral Reefs Act".  This is the perfect opportunity to speak up and let them know your desires for our future.

Please contact the following decision makers via our site by selecting the 'Take Action' button  or by writing them directly at the following:

The Bush Administration  

To find your representative:

  • Visit the NCSL (Representatives in your area) and choose your state in the listbox
  • Then select Legislators in the Content Listbox
  • Next choose the button with 'Get Legislature Links' below the Content box
  • Then you will be taken to a page with a link for representative in the Senate or the House of Representatives
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