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The ESA is Endangered!

According to Associated Press the Bush Administration has drafted new regulations that would allow federal agencies to determine if construction projects would harm or endanger wildlife.  This is to section 7 of the landmark Endangered Species Act.  This new draft includes bypassing independent and scientific reviews.  It also bypasses Congress so there are no checks and balances for wildlife.  The environmental Defense website states, that these types of changes if allowed would create unprecedented and broad consequences for wildlife.  It states, it would imperil hundreds of endangered species nationwide and for this reason we need to let the Bush Administration know that we do not wish to allow this type of regulation bypass.  The Endangered Species Act was put into place for a valid reason.  To protect and perserve species around the world.  This draft endangers far too many and there is no reason this shouldn't be managed by the professionals that are educated in the field of conservation and animal behavior to ensure the survival of our plants and animals.  Ultimately, it is a circle of life that we far too often fail to acknowledge and has great repurcussions to all.  For example, Humpback whales are being studied because they have a unique design within their heart that would help with heart disease.  There are countless things we've yet to learn and if we don't protect those that share our home, Earth; then we may never know until it is too late.  Protection isn't difficult, it is a choice.

Please help Beholdance stand up for what is right for the planet and our future.  Take Action and write the Bush Administration and let them know this is not good for our planet and for future generations.

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