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  Beholdance 'K9 Krunchies and Feline Munchies'
  Our K9 Krunchies and Feline Munchies was created to help pets and pet owners in need.  We collect and special bag pet meals to help home-bound seniors receiving Meals on Wheels.  It is our hope to grow this program and help more pets in need.
  Beholdance 'Gone Nuts'
  Our Gone Nuts program was created to help wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation centers in need of seeds and nuts for their over-wintering orphaned and injured squirrels and other native wildlife. 

Due to drought across the country it is also a great way to teach conservation.  By collecting small amounts from a wide area we do not hurt native wildlife and are able to assist those animals that are in need.  This program also helps wildlife rehabilitators and centers save much needed cash as they can add to their food supply with native seeds and nuts.

  Beholdance 'Berry Blast'    
  For Berry Blast program was created to help wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation centers in need of fruit for there orphaned and injured wildlife.  By collecting berries and freezing them it assist with the rehabilitation of a wide variety of native wildlife.

Also, it is a great way to pick strawberries and have an ice cream social to raise money if so desired or to just have some fun after the event.
  Beholdance 'Sweep'    
  Our Sweep is to encourage youth to get our and care about their environment.  We lead by example and have adopted a highway with our local NC Department of Transportation.  Some of our youth also host community clean ups and spring cleans.  There is a wide variety of ways to get involved in Sweep.    
  Beholdance 'Bash'    
    Host a party or event for a good cause.  Give up your birthday presents and just ask your guest to bring needed items or bring birthday bucks to help your cause.

Beholdance will also come out and play conservational and earth and environmental games and help you host a party.  To find out more contact
  Beholdance 'Recycle'    
    Collect Recycle materials such as Aluminum Cans, Printer Cartridges, Cell Phone and more to turn in for cash and donate those funds to a good cause.  Beholdance is currently using this program to sponsor surgerys through The Smile Train.  You can change a child's life for $250.    
  If you would like to host a Beholdance event in your area, start a chapter or make a donation, please conatact Beholdance at
    ** Other project and program ideas are available through Beholdance or you can submit your own for Beholdance credit.  ( Event / Project Approval Form)








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“Thoughts lead on to purpose,
purpose leads on to actions,
actions form habits,
habits decide character, and
character fixes our destiny” 
~Tryon Edwards  

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