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Beholdance Mission: 
To come together and take a look at issues effecting the health and well being of our planet and to stand up and give our youth a voice to our future, while instilling values, character and education regarding conservation and community service to better the world in which we live. To bring focus to our future because we are the generation that will inherit the earth and it is our voice and actions that will ensure it will be loved, protected and healthy for the coming generations. 
Meaning of Beholdance:
The meaning of Beholdance has been defined by our founder, Dakota Palacio.
"Beholdance is an energy-heart word.  It is kinda like a placeholder in your heart where the love and compassion exist.  To be in beholdance of something means to hold a place in your heart and to give it love, joy and compassion and to know it will manifest from that love and support.  For example, I might be in beholdance of my grandfather’s full health because he just had major back surgery or I might be in beholdance of a person, event, relationship, etc.  I picked it from a combination of words:
  • Behold, which means to have in sight; to see clearly, to hold focus, to support.
  • Beholden, which means to have or hold gratitude,  to be indebted with respect. 
  • Dance, which is a symbol of love, joy and happiness in motion
These words I felt help best describe our mission and this is why I chose the name Beholdance.  Personally, Beholdance is about holding a space in my heart for the planet and all who call it home so that we may all come together in peace, health and love.  I hope it will help teach the new youth how to love, honor and protect our Mother Earth and her plants, animals and it's people.  It's about taking responsibility for our home, our planet Earth.  We were born on this planet with all that we need and we have developed in our intelligence yet we get so involved in upgrading society that we too often forget about basic care.  Therefore we’ve endangered our planet as well as ourselves.  It is now time to give back what we can and to look at how our actions both good and bad effect how we live. 
To pledge Beholdance, means to take responsibility; to claim the vision and outcome of the health and well being of our future and to remind all who call Earth home that each and every one of us is indebted to its continued health and protection. 
This is what it means to be ‘In Beholdance’.”  
Goals and Objectives:
Beholdance hopes to engender love and protection for our animals, people and planet in the minds and hearts of our youth and to grow that voice and vision globally. To take responsibility for our actions and choices that effect our environment and the inhabitants of our shared home and to set the vision and voice for our future by upholding the full health and well being of all concerned.  We'd like to become the leading youth conservation and community service organization on the planet because ultimately the planet belongs to those who are coming and we are simply responsible for its care on their behalf. 
Beholdance Pledge:
"I promise to love, honor and protect our home, Earth.
I want a world where poverty is history compassion comes first and where all life is equal. 
I will watch out for all living things and work to make it a better place.
I promise to take care of our animals, plants and environment as well as all who cross my path. 
I am 'In Beholdance'."

About the Founder:
Dakota Palacio founded Beholdance at age thirteen and has been interested in the care of domestic and wild animals, the environment as well as the people around her from a very early age. 
At age eight, Dakota began to encourage character building and responsible action by selecting books that simplified these positive traits and encouraged this by writing book reviews for Children of the New Earth Magazine as well as speaking to others. Dakota believes in working hard and supporting others.  She’s been involved in National League Junior Cotillion and has been a youth representative for PTSO for her school.  Dakota is also a member of TRAIL and is an Educational Member of the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition (SBYC) and is working to help save the Spirit Bear.  In 2009, Dakota became a member of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC) and the National Wildlife Rehabilitator's Association (NWRA).  She is active in various clubs at school and founded ACE (Animal Careers Exploration) at her high school.  She also volunteers at the Valerie H. Schindler Wildlife Rehabilitation Center as well as the NC Zoo.

Dakota believes in making the world a better place and walks the walk as well as talks the talk.  She is a Presidential "Gold" Volunteer Service Award Winner and averages around 275 community service hours a year in areas relating to Conservation, Wildlife Rehabilitation and Earth and Environmental Education.
By founding Beholdance, Dakota hopes that it will give youth the opportunity to speak out about community, character and most of all about conservation and the protection of our planet and all it’s inhabitants.
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“Thoughts lead on to purpose,
purpose leads on to actions,
actions form habits,
habits decide character, and
character fixes our destiny” 
~Tryon Edwards  

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