Wildlife Rehab: My First Release

I never realized how hard mama birds work.  Oh,my gosh!  They must be the world's best parents. They go hunt food for them, clean up after them,and teach them how to fly.  Wow!

I will tell you one thing that I learned at the Rehab Center is that I have a new found appreciation for other volunteers but most of all for mama birds.  Well, when I came for the very first time I was in awe of how many birds they had.  I learned how to fed them and clean cages and weigh them.  But, I always found myself trying not to giggle at the cutiest baby blue jay.  He hopped around his cage and mistaked his water bowl for his nest and got all wet.  His little gray feathers that sprouted everywhere made him look like a baby penguin. Immediately in my mind, I heard the name Mumble because he constantly made this cute little Caa noise plus, from the movie Happy Feet the little penguin's name was Mumble.  Then I jerked back to reality and told myself "I'm here to do a job to help wildlife go back to being wildlife.  I can't take him home.  "Little did I know that I would just not the same way.  A few weeks later  after being placed in pre-release, Halley approached me and asked "I hear you like blue jays?"  "Yes," I responded, not really knowing where this conversation would end up.  She continued "The blue jay in pre-release is ready for real release and I hear you have a barn.  Would you like to take him and a robin to let go there?"   Wow!  One of my first rehab babies!

But, now he lives in the woods and  he belongs to the forest.  We set up a feeder and some water out for them and other birds.  But, every time I see a hint of blue among the leaves I still smile and see that little baby that was in his  water bowl.  Now that Mumble is all grown up I thought I would be lonely with baby bird season almost over, but I got one more suprise.  Another baby in his water bowl.  Yes!  A baby blue jay.  Who knows where life will take him.

Release Video:  First the Robin then the Blue Jay

These two birds were rehabilitated at the Valerie H. Schindler Wildlife
Rehabilitation Center in Asheboro, NC by a host of loving volunteers
and staff, who care for a large number of orphaned and injured
wildlife every year.

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